Ship's Passport for the Brig Industry



Ship's Passport for the Brig Industry


Ship's passport signed by President John Adams and Secretary of State Timothy Pickering and dated December 22, 1797. Countersigned by Benjamin Lincoln in his capacity as Collector of the Port of Boston. Notarized by Samuel Cooper. Issued to the Industry, a 75-ton brig in the port of Boston, bound for Aux Cayes (i.e. Les Cayes, Haiti), under Captain Isaac Cutter.

Document instructs that the ship's master, Isaac Cutter "is of the United States of America, and that no subjects of the present belligerent powers have any part or portion therein, directly nor indirectly," further requesting that "where the said master shall arrive, with his vessel and cargo, that they may please treat him in a becoming manner, permitting him, upon the usual tolls and expences, in passing and repassing, to pass, navigate, and frequent the ports, passes and territories, to the end to transact his business, where, and in what manner he shall judge proper."

In French, Spanish, English, and Dutch.


Collection of Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library, Lexington, Massachusetts
USM 001.309


1797 12 22


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French, Spanish, English, and Dutch




1 document; 50 x 39 cm.


Gift of William Caleb Loring.


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