Letter from Giles F. Yates to John James Joseph Gourgas, 1827 July 31



Letter from Giles F. Yates to John James Joseph Gourgas, 1827 July 31


Letter from Giles F. Yates to John James Joseph Gourgas. Dated July 31, 1827. In this letter, Yates, a member of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, and Sovereign of Sovereigns of Albany Sovereign Consistory, confirms the reception of Gourgas’ letter of July 23. Yates states it appears that the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction recognizes the degrees of “maçonnerie d’adoption.” Believes Freemasons never dreamed of conferring Masonic degrees upon women and notes the Heroine of Jericho degree has become fashionable and conferred upon women. Questions the propriety of introducing Freemasonry to women. Topics include the submission of Albany Sovereign Consistory to the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, degree fees, Yates’ hesitancy to receive the Templars degree, and the policy of representation utilized by the Symbolic Grand Lodges and Grand Royal Arch Chapter. Yates believes it is necessary to attend the Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction’s, next meeting in the spring and asks Gourgas if Simpson or another representative can visit Albany. Concludes by asking for information regarding the Sublime degrees Albany Sovereign Consistory does not have and offers Daniel D. Campbell’s service as a courier to Paris.


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1827 07 31


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