Letter from Antoine Louis Moret, 1828 February 15



Letter from Antoine Louis Moret, 1828 February 15


Letter from Antoine Louis Moret. Dated February 15, 1828. In this letter, Moret reports he has received the membership lists of the Southern and Northern Supreme Councils. Moret replies he has annexed to this letter a correct translation of his communication with the Grand Orient de France regarding Moret’s affiliation with Joseph Cerneau. Germain Haquet, a Cerneau supporter and the first Sovereign Grand Commander of the Grand Collège des Rites Écossais, has many supporters in the Grand Orient de France, who have allowed Haquet to “intercept or destroy” all communication from America regarding Cerneau. The President of the Supreme Council of Rites has promised Moret to have Cerneau’s name and that of his New York Consistory erased from the Masonic calendar and removed from the list of regular bodies. As for John G. Tardy, the leader of Triple Union, an irregular Masonic body in New York City, Moret states he cannot do anything. Tardy has not communicated with the Grand Orient since 1806, has acted as a “rude despotic ruler,” and has aligned his organization with Joseph Cerneau.


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1828 02 15


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