Letter from Moses Holbrook to John James Joseph Gourgas, 1822 July 15



Letter from Moses Holbrook to John James Joseph Gourgas, 1822 July 15


Letter from Moses Holbrook to John James Joseph Gourgas. Dated July 15, 1822. In this letter, Moses Holbrook, a member of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, writes that Jacob De La Motta has asked Holbrook to request information from Gourgas regarding the "subject of the Higher Degrees of Freemasonry." Holbrook reports that Peter Javain, a Cerneau follower and the Deputy Grand Inspector General of South Carolina's Sovereign Grand Consistory, is in Charleston. A dispute over ownership of the papers of Grand Master Thomas W. Bacot, the minutes and charters of the different Southern Jurisdiction bodies, had embroiled the Southern Jurisdiction and Frederick Dalcho, its Sovereign Grand Commander, in a lengthy legal matter. Concludes by asking the Supreme Council, NMJ, for its recognition of Holbrook's Council, Princes of Jerusalem, and support in "maintaining the legal cause which we are engaged in" and personally asks for Gourgas' help in expediting the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction's recognition.


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1822 07 15


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Moses Holbrook Correspondence. Records and correspondence of the Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. See the Museum Archives for more information regarding this collection.


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Gift of the Supreme Council of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite


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