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President George Washington refers to a previous letter regarding Robert Smith and discusses his travel plans with Secretary of War James McHenry.

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain appoint the Commendator Mayor of Toledo, Don Gutierre de Cardenas, as the Alcalde Mayor and instruct him as to taking office. Signed by the Chancellor on the reverse.

King Henry VII of England orders Robert Lytton, Under Treasurer of England, to supply certain materials from the Great Wardrobe for curtains and draperies.

Queen Elizabeth I of England directs the Treasurer of the Jewels and Plate to prepare several items of gold and silver as gifts for M. de Montmorency and M. de Vieilleville, Special Ambassadors of France.

King James I of England orders a cessation of stipends to the clergy because of schism and division.

Six members of Britain’s Commonwealth Commissioners (judges) order William Longland, the mayor of Winchester at the time of the city's surrender to Oliver Cromwell, to furnish a horse and equipment for the militia.

Oliver Cromwell, the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, commissions Edward Cucker as a Lieutenant under Captain Richard Shaninge.

The Lord Protector Richard Cromwell appoints John Richardson to the rectory of Uppingham, England.

Charles II, King of England, authorizes the payment of a Colonel of a Regiment of Foot in Scotland.

William Penn authorizes the Surveyor General of Pennsylvania to survey 200 acres of land around Christina Creek in the County of New Castle.