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Resolutions regarding the death of Brother Jason L. Dexter, 1911 June 14

This resolution describes the service of Jason L. Dexter, a member of Oriental Lodge, and expresses sympathy to his family.

Dispensation issued to Avon Rebekah Lodge, No. 100, 1932 October 11

This dispensation issued by the Grand Lodge of Illinois grants Avon Rebekah Lodge, No. 100, to institute a Theta Rho Girls' Club.

Philomathian Lodge lady's invitation ticket, 1859 December 29

An invitation to the Citizens' Grand Dress Ball, given to "Philomathian Lodge" for women to attend. Though the creator is unknown, the recipients may have been Philomathean Lodge, No. 645, the first African American branch of the Grand United Order…

Workmen's Benefit Association postcard, 1900 March 1

A postcard listing benefit assessments due to be paid, and a list of deaths in the membership. The stamped postcard acts as a receipt for dues paid.

Rainbow Girls Cincinnati Zoological Garden ticket book, 1947

A ticket book for the 10th Annual Meeting of the Grand Assembly of Ohio Order of the Rainbow for Girls, with tickets for the Cincinnati Zoological Garden.

Service newsletter, September 1945

A Service newsletter issued for the Arkansas Order of Rainbow for Girls, listing Christmas plans for assemblies and general news.

Kingston Lodge, No. 10, return, 1862 May

A return of the Kingston Lodge, No. 10, listing information about their members.

Letter from the Grand Lodge of New York, 1943 January 29

A letter from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New York, with an appeal to appoint a committee to coordinate contributions towards the 1943 Masonic War Chest.

Letter from Franklin Lodge, No. 4, to Nimrod Encampment, No. 3, 1847 September 7

A letter announcing a meeting, from Franklin Lodge, No. 4, to Nimrod Encampment, No. 4, of Ohio.

Royal Arch and Mark Master Mason certificate issued to Jared Gallup, 1796 May 10

A Royal Arch and Mark Master Mason certificate issued to Jared Gallup by the Richmond Lodge, No. 10, of Richmond, Virginia