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  • Collection: G. Edward Elwell, Jr., Autograph Collection

Letter from Henry VIII to Marie, Empress of Austria. Dated November 24, 1543. In this letter, Henry VIII recalls Edward Bonner, Bishop of London, and Sir Francis Bryan as envoys to the Emperor. The King proposes that Dr. Nicholas Wotton, Dean of…

Letter from the Marquis de Lafayette to Captain Beaulieu. Dated September 7, 1831. In this letter, Lafayette promises to advocate for American Revolutionary War veteran Joseph-Louis Descudier de Beaulieu in the lower house of Parliament, la Chambre…

Military appointment of Samuel Gilman, Jr., Dated December 24, 1863. In this letter to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, President Lincoln supports New York Supreme Court Justice Nathan Clifford's request to appoint Samuel Gilman, Jr., to the 3rd…

Letter of appointment. Dated February 23, 1833. In this letter, William IV appoints Lieutenant-General John Sulivan Wood to replace Lord Frederick Fitz-Clarence as Lieutenant of the Tower of London. William also directs Lord Hill to fill the vacant…

Letter from President Roosevelt to G. Edward Elwell, Jr. Dated February 15, 1908. In this letter, President Theodore Roosevelt replies to Elwell's letter of February 13 and comments upon his relationship with his cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Officer's commission. Dated May 8, 1820. In this document, King George IV commissions Hector Munro as a captain in the 92nd Regiment of Foot.

Speech honoring Washington's birth and photograph of President Coolidge. Dated 1931. G. Edward Elwell, Jr., the chairman of Washington's Birthday Bicentennial Commission for Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, received this autographed photograph of President…

Letter from Edward VIII, Prince of Wales, to Mr. Peacock. Dated April 24, 1911. In this letter, Edward VIII, the Prince of Wales, discusses the passing of contemporaries, travel plans and his interest in coalmines, and London's music scene with his…

Letter from President John Tyler to Mr. Spencer. Dated October 20, 1843. In this letter, President John Tyler expresses his approval of the political appointment of Mr. Munn.

Land grant. Dated June 6, 1789. In this document, Patrick Henry authorizes his friend George Thompson to sell two tracts of land in Jefferson County, Virginia.