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  • Collection: African American Freemasonry & Fraternalism

A 33° certificate issued by the United Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree for Southern and Western Jurisdictions of the United States to Richard Theodore Greener, and dated September 8, 1896. Signed by Greener, John G. Jones, D.F. Seville, and…

A handbill for the seventy-second annual St. John's Day service of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge. Dated June 27, 1920. In this handbill, the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge advertises its seventy-second annual St. John’s Day service, held at the Lyric…

Amateur minstrels show handbill. Dated February 25, 1907. This small handbill publicizes an amateur minstrels show held for the "benefit of the Colored Odd Fellows." Wilbur Miles, a world-renowned entertainer of mixed race descent, headlined the…

A death benefits certificate issued by Mount Olive Grand Lodge, Free & Accepted Ancient York Masons of Virginia, to Willie Douglass of Williamsville, Virginia. Dated June 3, 1918. In this document, Douglass purchases death benefits to be paid out in…

A copy of a letter from Jephtha Lodge, No. 11, to Brother Stedman. Dated April 13, 1923. In this letter, Jephtha Lodge, No. 11, sends aid to a sick Brother in Mystic, Connecticut.

A death benefits certificate issued by District Grand Lodge, No. 18, of Atlanta, Georgia, to Cornelia Hill of Winder, Georgia. Dated June 1, 1913. In this document, Cornelia Hill, a member of the Winder Household of Ruth, No. 1445, purchases death…

A demit issued by Castle William Lodge of Boston, Massachusetts, to Perry Francis Adams Vanderzee. Dated January 18, 1940. Signed by the Worshipful Master E. D. Kelsey.

A financial report for the National Home Finding Society, Inc. Dated January 31, 1921. This informational pamphlet for the National Home Finding Society for Colored Children, an orphanage for African-American children, provided supporters with a…

A handwritten petition from Joseph Wilson, Jr., to the members of Arkansas Valley Lodge, No. 21. Dated May 18, 1907. In this petition, Wilson applies for membership at Arkansas Valley Lodge, No. 21, of Wichita, Kansas.

A letter from Capital City Lodge, No. 107, to Jephtha Lodge, No. 11. Dated May 18, 1917. In this letter, Capital City Lodge of Richmond, Virginia, confirms that it has fulfilled Jephtha Lodge’s request to bury its Worshipful Master, James H. Lewis.