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  • Collection: Selections from the Van Gorden-Williams Library & Archives

"Masonic Notice. - Those members of Congress who belong to the Masonic Fraternity..."

Circular from appointed committee of eleven members submitted to several Grand Lodges and distributed among Masons concerning the establishment of a General Grand Lodge of the United States.

Circular contains report of meeting held on March 9,…

1968 Masonic brotherhood fund campaign card and cable tow card, 1968

1968 Masonic Brotherhood Fund campaign card and cable tow card. Dated 1968. In this document, the Grand Lodge of New York petitions its membership to support the 1968 Masonic Brotherhood Fund. The Masonic Brotherhood Fund, which is still in…

A song, composed by the British soldiers, after the fight at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775, between 1875 and 1880

A song, composed by the British soldiers, after the fight at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. Dated between 1875 and 1880. This song in twelve stanzas was written by an unknown British author and commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill and the British…

A true and exact account of the celebration of the festival of Saint John the Babtist [i.e. Baptist]...

A satirical and anti-Masonic account of the celebration of the Festival of Saint John the Baptist held by Freemasons in Boston. Written by Joseph Green, a poet, merchant, and British Loyalist, based on an account published in the July 2, 1739 edition…

Address to the people of Massachusetts, in relationship to the political influence of Freemasonry

Antimasonic address, delivered on March 26, 1833.

Begins: "The following Address was first presented by a Committee, at a meeting of citizens and members of the Legislature, held in Boston the 26th of March, 1833. It was adopted, and referred to…

Agents Wanted for Scarlet Book of Free Masonry

Broadside soliciting agents to sell book entitled Scarlet Book of Free Masonry. Contains endorsements from Daniel Sickels, 33°, and John W. Simons, 33°, and others. The Scarlet Book of Free Masonry was first published by Redding & Co. in 1879. This…

Aleppo Temple program, 1915 May 5

Aleppo Temple meeting summons for May 5, 1915, listing meeting times, officer and member names, and committee assignments.

An excellent New Free Mason Song; composed and set to Music by a Brother, to be sung at the Celebration of the Feast of St. John the Baptist

Two songs. [First song]; first line: Begin, Brother Masons, a Free Mason strain Jockey to the Fair; first line: 'Twas in the morn of sweet May-DayImprint at last line of second column: "Sold near Liberty-Pole, 1795." Likely printed at Boston by…

Announcement for Aleppo Temple special train, 1915 July 5

An announcement for the Aleppo Temple Special Train tour for members attending the Forty-first Annual Session of the Imperial Council held in Seattle, Washington in 1915. The tour included stops at the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, the…

Announcement from the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia, 1796 September 7

Announcement from the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia. Dated September 7, 1796. This statement from the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia informs Columbian Lodge, and all members of the Fraternity, that the Grand Lodge has expelled twenty-two Masons from Hiram…