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  • Collection: Selections from the Van Gorden-Williams Library & Archives

Christmas ceremonial and cornerstone program, 1924 December 20

Christmas ceremonial and cornerstone program. Dated December 20, 1924. This festive holiday program petitions each Noble of Al Malaikah Temple to "make your Temple a Christmas present" in the form of a new candidate. Includes a panoramic photograph…

Aleppo Temple program, 1915 May 5

Aleppo Temple meeting summons for May 5, 1915, listing meeting times, officer and member names, and committee assignments.

Announcement for Aleppo Temple special train, 1915 July 5

An announcement for the Aleppo Temple Special Train tour for members attending the Forty-first Annual Session of the Imperial Council held in Seattle, Washington in 1915. The tour included stops at the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, the…

Real photo postcard of the El Zagal Temple chanters in costume, about 1908

Real photo postcard of the El Zagal Temple chanters in costume. Dated about 1908. This real photo postcard print or RPPC depicts the Shriners of El Zagal Temple in costume and at a moment of rest at Enderlin, North Dakota. Printed on Azo paper.

Mecca Temple officers tableau, 1883

Tableau of officers of Mecca Temple, New York City in 1883.

Oriental durbar broadside, 1922

Broadside advertising the Colorful Oriental Durbar (Rajah Regal Revels), held on March 2, 1922 at the 71st Regiment Armory in New York City, sponsored by the Mecca Temple Band.

Accompanied by envelope addressed to New York State Assemblyman…

Summons for Lodge No. 2 "Ancients," to meet at the house of James Bell

This summons calls for the members of No. 2 Ancient York Masons to meet at the Philadelphia home of James Bell. The summons is dated May 13, 1760, and contains this imprint at the bottom: "Brother Henry Dawkins, Sculpt Philada.”

Address to the people of Massachusetts, in relationship to the political influence of Freemasonry

Antimasonic address, delivered on March 26, 1833.

Begins: "The following Address was first presented by a Committee, at a meeting of citizens and members of the Legislature, held in Boston the 26th of March, 1833. It was adopted, and referred to…

Regalia, jewels, seals, and ornaments, manufactured and sold by Elias Combs

Broadside advertising fraternal regalia, jewels, etc. sold by Elias Combs, 244 Grand Street, New York, New York, printed in 1854 or 1855.

Dating based on printer and address of Combs's business. Baker, Godwin & Co. were in business under this…

Letter from Edward D. Barber to David Robinson, about 1832

Letter from Edward D. Barber to David Robinson. Dated about 1832. This letter from Anti-Masonic politician Edward Barber petitions Major General David Robinson, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, to use his influence to help rally support behind the…