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Letter from Giles F. Yates to John James Joseph Gourgas. Dated July 31, 1827. In this letter, Yates, a member of the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, and Sovereign of Sovereigns of Albany Sovereign Consistory, confirms the reception of…

An eighth annual grandmothers' and grandfather's night invitation addressed to Mrs. Marion Neeb. Dated October 9, 1939. This invitation invites Marion Neeb to the eighth annual grandmothers' and grandfather's night held by Areme Chapter, No. 147, of…

A sock social invitation from the Freemasons of Westbrook to Mrs. Benjamin F. Joy. Dated February 25, 1904. This sock social invitation invites Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Joy to the Masonic fair at Westbrook, Maine. The practice of sock socials…

A sock social invitation from Hialeah Chapter, No. 153, to Mrs. A. W. Neeb. Dated May 5, 1939. This sock social invitation invites Marion Neeb, the wife of Alfred W. Neeb, to a birthday party held by Hialeah Chapter, No. 153, of Miami, Florida. The…

A blank and undated Order of the Eastern Star card. At bottom: "Folder No. 1565."

Certificate of relationship issued by Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction to Katie Bower Thomas, dated January 23, 1899.

Blank Order of Eastern Star Anniversary Card. Printed message on front of card reads: "To Mark This Anniversary."

Letter from Mrs. Lorraine J. Pitkin, Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Illinois, to Mrs. Mary E. Falkner, Grand Matron of Grand Chapter of Vermont, dated Sept. 4, 1879.

Pitkin wrote to inquire if Falkner intends to attend…