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Grand pic-nic and lawn party circular letter, 1901 June 3

A flyer announcing a picnic and lawn party given by the Daughters of Rebekah, I.O.O.F., at the Home for Orphans of Odd Fellows in Philadelphia.

Dispensation issued to Avon Rebekah Lodge, No. 100, 1932 October 11

This dispensation issued by the Grand Lodge of Illinois grants Avon Rebekah Lodge, No. 100, to institute a Theta Rho Girls' Club.

Philomathian Lodge lady's invitation ticket, 1859 December 29

An invitation to the Citizens' Grand Dress Ball, given to "Philomathian Lodge" for women to attend. Though the creator is unknown, the recipients may have been Philomathean Lodge, No. 645, the first African American branch of the Grand United Order…

Membership card issued by Beta Theta Rho Girls' Club, No. 2, to Elna-Dawn Sorensen, 1939 January 28

A membership card signed by Elna-Dawn Sorensen, issued by the Theta Rho Girls' Club of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Postcard from Sociedade Portuguesa Rainha Santa Isabel, 1912

A photographic postcard with 2 women and 2 men posed in a studio.

Letter from S. Elizabeth Nelson, 1910 July 1

A letter written by S. Elizabeth Nelson regarding her election to be Supreme Representative Pythian Sisters of Iowa and upcoming meeting in Milwaukee.

Townsend Grange, No. 194 program, 1894

A program of events listed by the Townsend Grange, No. 194 for the year 1894.

Worcester Grange, No.22, program, 1893

A program of events listed by the Worcester Grange, No. 22 for the year 1894.

List of Grange trading houses booklet, 1892

This booklet lists the locations of various types of Grange trading houses in Connecticut in 1892. The trading house locations are listed alphabetically by trade, from Agricultural Implements and Farm Machinery to Wagons, Carriages, Etc.

Membership application for Cora A. Peoples, ca. 1901-1912

A membership application card for Cora A. Peoples.