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Letter from Gustavus Vasa Fox, 1881 June 16

Letter from Gustavus Vasa Fox. Dated June 16, 1881. In this letter, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy Fox replies to a friend's ("Shipmate") request to serve as a reference to the newly elected Garfield administration.

Letter from President John Tyler to Mr. Spencer, 1843 October 20

Letter from President John Tyler to Mr. Spencer. Dated October 20, 1843. In this letter, President John Tyler expresses his approval of the political appointment of Mr. Munn.

Letter of reference for Mr. Janes, 1829 March 12

President Andrew Jackson writes a reference letter for a law student.

Letter from President James Monroe, 1818 August 19

In this letter, President James Monroe suggests the inadvisability of granting a warrant to an applicant from New York.