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Scottish Rite tracing board engraving, between 1828 and 1831

Scottish Rite tracing board engraving. Dated between 1828 and 1831. This Scottish Rite tracing board engraving depicts the fifth through eighth degrees in symbolic form. Imprint at the bottom reads, “Rawdon, Clark & Co. Sc.”

Diffendorf Family Record

Hand-painted family record of Diffendorf family, by William Murray, dated December 16, 1803.

Central heart motif records marriage of Solomon and Christena Diffendorf on October 19, 1790. Circular medallions surrounding heart record births of the…

Zuller-Moyer family record, 1825 February

Hand-painted family record of Zuller-Moyer families, by Henry Moyer, dated February 1825. Record includes children born between 1808 and 1828. Central heart motif records marriage of Abraham Zuller and Mary Moyer on April 11, 1808.

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Masonic emblems

An engraving of Masonic emblems published by George Kenning (London, Liverpool and Glasgow) in April of 1874. Inscribed with the caption: "Respectfully Dedicated by permission To J. Whyte Melville Esqre of Bennochy, The Most Worshipful Grand Master…

Postcard with Washington as a Freemason 1927 calendar

Postcard with miniature 1927 calendar on the front. Postcard features monochromatic image of "Washington as a Freemason" print, with image of George Washington wearing Masonic regalia and holding trowel.