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Engrossed copy of the Letters of Constitution for the Supreme Council for the Northern District of the United States of America (i.e. Supreme Council, 33°, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction), 1813 August 5

Also known as the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction’s charter, warrant, or “Birth Certificate,” this formal certificate was likely made in 1814. John James Joseph Gourgas who served in an official, secretarial capacity for both the Sublime Grand…

Royal Arch certificate issued to Elijah Wheeler, 1818 May 11

A Royal Arch certificate issued by David's Chapter, No. 34 (Auburn, N.Y.), to Elijah Wheeler and dated May 11, 1818.

Masonic register for George Henry Ewen, 1883 July 6

Masonic register for George Henry Ewen. Dated July 6, 1883. This Masonic register records the Masonic memberships of George Henry Ewen, including his affiliation with Union Lodge No. 31 (New London, Connecticut), Union Royal Arch Chapter No. 7 (New…

Royal Arch fifty-year certificate issued to John A. Cook, 1944 September 1

A Royal Arch fifty-year certificate issued by Hudson River Chapter, No. 262 (Watervliet, N.Y.), to John A. Cook and dated September 1, 1944.

Traveling Royal Arch certificate issued to Charles D. Buck, 1871 February 8

A Royal Arch certificate issued by Mohegan Chapter, No. 221 (Peekskill, N.Y.), to Charles D. Buck and dated February 8, 1871. Imprint at the bottom of the certificate reads, "Published by Clark & Maynard, New York. Entered according to Act of…

Honorary membership certificate issued to Clinton F. Paige, 1879 July 11

An honorary membership certificate issued by the Monroe Commandery, No. 12 (Rochester, N.Y.), Drill Corps., to Clinton F. Paige and dated July 11, 1879. Imprint at bottom of certificate reads, "Democrat and Chronicle Print."

Life membership certificate issued to Richard L. Gibbs, 1910 November 2

A life membership certificate issued by Palestine Commandery, No. 18 (New York, N.Y.), to Richard L. Gibbs and dated November 2, 1910. Imprint at bottom of certificate reads, "Cameron & Bulkley, N.Y."

Master Mason certificate for Seth Fairchild

A Master Mason certificate issued by Lodge No. 535 of Ancient Masons "held in the Prince of Wales American Regiment and on the Register of Ireland" to Seth Fairchild and dated August 29, 1783. The Prince of Wales American Volunteers were a Loyalist…

Appointment of Clinton F. Paige as Deputy of the Supreme Council for the District of New York

Document appointing Clinton F. Paige Deputy for New York, dated April 6, 1878. Appointment notes that vacancy was created upon the death of Orrin Welch, who previously held the position. Document in manuscript.

Patent issued to Samuel Stringer, 1768 December 6

Patent issued by Henry Andrew Francken to Samuel Stringer, dated December 6, 1768. Reverse of document contains manuscript note, dated December 8, 1802, stating that Stringer transfers "this My Warrant & Seals" to Christopher C. Yates.

Patent in…