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Masonic war certificate issued by Grand Lodge of Illinois to Corporal Phineas Lovejoy, 1861 December 23

A Civil War Masonic certificate issued by the Grand Lodge of Illinois to Corporal Phineas Lovejoy, a member of Columbus Lodge, No. 227, at Adams, Illinois. Corporal Lovejoy served in the 3rd Regiment, Illinois Cavalry, and died on August 9, 1862,…

Master Mason certificate issued by Evergreen Lodge, No. 170, to Kent Jones Owens, 1917 August 24

A Master Mason certificate issued to Kent Jones Owens by Evergreen Lodge No. 170, of Freeport, Illinois, and dated August 24, 1917. Imprint at the bottom of the certificate reads, "Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1895 by The…

32° certificate issued to George William Campbell, 1911 June 2

32° certificate issued by Oriental Consistory (Chicago, Illinois) to George William Campbell, dated June 2, 1911.

Letter from Philip W. Miller to the Miller Family, 1841 March 23

In this letter to his brother and parents, Philip W. Miller, II, of Rehoboth, Massachusetts, describes his views on religion and justifies his decision to become a Freemason to his parents. Written while at Hillsboro, Illinois, and dated March 23,…

Circular letter issued by the lodges of Chicago, 1846

Circular issued by three Masonic lodges in Chicago (Lafayette Lodge No. 18, Apollo Lodge No. 32, and Oriental Lodge No. 33) in response to charges issued in a circular by Harmony Lodge, No. 3, of Jacksonville, Illinois. In their circular, Harmony…

33° certificate issued by the United Supreme Council to Richard Theodore Greener, 1896 September 8

A 33° certificate issued by the United Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree for Southern and Western Jurisdictions of the United States to Richard Theodore Greener, and dated September 8, 1896. Signed by Greener, John G. Jones, D.F. Seville, and…

Northwestern Masonic Aid Association membership certificate for Julius B. Andrus

A certificate issued to Julius B. Andrus for death benefits from Northwestern Masonic Aid Association, dated October 10, 1881. The certificate lists "his wife Ida Andrus and his son Arthur B. Andrus" as his beneficiaries.

Imprint at bottom of…

Master Mason certificate for Jesse Meade

A Master Mason certificate issued by Garfield Lodge, No. 686 (Chicago, Illinois), to Jesse Meade and dated September 6, 1887. Imprint at bottom of certificate: "Published by Clark & Maynard, New York."

Knights Templar certificate issued to Jesse Mead, 1887 September 10

A Knights Templar certificate issued by St. Bernard Commandery, No. 35 (Chicago, Illinois), to Jesse Mead and dated September 7, 1887. Imprint at bottom of certificate reads, "Published by Clark & Maynard, New York. Mayer, Merkel & Ottmann, Lith.…