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Unsigned letter from Royal Woodward to his brother, about 1828

An unsigned and undated letter attributed to Royal Woodward of Ashford, Connecticut. In this letter to his brother, Woodward discusses the health and well-being of his family and friends and gives his opinions on Freemasonry.

A true and exact account of the celebration of the festival of Saint John the Babtist [i.e. Baptist]...

A satirical and anti-Masonic account of the celebration of the Festival of Saint John the Baptist held by Freemasons in Boston. Written by Joseph Green, a poet, merchant, and British Loyalist, based on an account published in the July 2, 1739 edition…

Letter from Henry Witmer to Adam K. Witmer, 1836 May 6

This letter from Henry Witmer to his nephew, Adam K. Witmer, provides an account of the second national convention of the Anti-Masonic Party that was held in Philadelphia on May 4, 1836. In addition to describing the events at the convention, Henry…