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Petition to form a Sovereign Grand Consistory in New York State, 1866

Petition to form a Sovereign Grand Consistory in New York State. Dated 1866. This manuscript petition from a group of Scottish Rite Freemasons asks the Supreme Council's permission to form a Sovereign Grand Consistory in the State of New York. Signed…

Sock social invitation to Mrs. Benjamin F. Joy, 1904 February 25

A sock social invitation from the Freemasons of Westbrook to Mrs. Benjamin F. Joy. Dated February 25, 1904. This sock social invitation invites Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Joy to the Masonic fair at Westbrook, Maine. The practice of sock socials…

Blank Master Mason certificate created by Amos Doolittle, between 1797 and 1825

An unissued or blank Master Mason certificate drawn and engraved by Amos Doolittle and created between 1797 and 1825. Imprint at the bottom of the certificate reads, "Drawn and engraved by Brother Amos Doolittle. Copy right secured. The above may be…

Order of Exercises at the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Initiation of George Washington

A program containing the order of exercises for a celebration of the one-hundredth anniversary of the day George Washington was raised a Master Mason. Rev. Stephen Lovell was Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts in 1853, and the Revs.…

Masonic Celebration at Manchester, N. H.

A broadside for a Masonic celebration (i.e. St. John's Day) to be held at Manchester, New Hampshire, on June 24, 1854. The event included a procession by the Trinity Encampment of Knights Templar, an address delivered by William Flint of Charlestown,…

Dance card for a Masonic ball held at Todd's Hotel, 1882

An 1882 dance card for a Masonic Ball held at Todd's Hotel in Wallingford, Vermont.

Circular letter issued by the lodges of Chicago, 1846

Circular issued by three Masonic lodges in Chicago (Lafayette Lodge No. 18, Apollo Lodge No. 32, and Oriental Lodge No. 33) in response to charges issued in a circular by Harmony Lodge, No. 3, of Jacksonville, Illinois. In their circular, Harmony…

Petition to a Masonic lodge at Stockbridge, 1777 June 25

Petition to a Masonic lodge at Stockbridge. Dated June 25, 1777. In this letter, a group of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Freemasons request admission to the Masonic lodge located at Stockbridge. The unnamed lodge was presumably Berkshire Lodge,…

Masonic register for Joseph H. Foster, between 1878 and 1881

This Masonic register records the Masonic memberships of Joseph H. Foster, including his affiliation with Jenks Lodge No. 24, the Pawtucket Royal Arch Chapter No. 4, the Pawtucket Council of Royal and Select Masters No. 2, and the Holy Sepulchre…

Masonic register for George Henry Ewen, 1883 July 6

Masonic register for George Henry Ewen. Dated July 6, 1883. This Masonic register records the Masonic memberships of George Henry Ewen, including his affiliation with Union Lodge No. 31 (New London, Connecticut), Union Royal Arch Chapter No. 7 (New…