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Fourth Liberty Loan insert

During the First World War, Joseph L. Mann, the Secretary of Meridian Sun Lodge, No. 158, petitions the Masons of Philadelphia to support the U.S. Government's Fourth Liberty Loan. Dated 1918.

Letter from Rembrandt Peale to Henry Paul Beck, 1847 March 15

In this letter to Henry Paul Beck, American artist Rembrandt Peale expresses his happiness over Beck's decision to purchase a portrait of George Washington. Peale also includes a receipt, indicating that he is still owed five dollars.The original…

Masonic register for David A. Scott, 1890 August 24

A Masonic register and history for David A. Scott of Newburgh, New York.

Appointment of Elijah Brigham, 1798 December 4

Appointment of Elijah Brigham. Dated December 4, 1798. Under an "Act to Provide for the Valuation of Lands and Dwelling-houses and the Enumeration of Slaves," President John Adams appoints Elijah Brigham as Commissioner for the Massachusetts seventh…

Washington county land grant, 1787 May 15

Washington county land grant. Dated May 15, 1787. President of the Executive Council of Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin, signed this document granting 290 acres of land to Elisha Teeters.

Northampton county land grant, 1774 August 18

Northampton county land grant. Dated August 18, 1774. John Penn grants 109 acres of land in Moore Township, Pennsylvania, to Casper Erb.