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Circular letter from William Hobart Hadley to Mosaic Lodge, No. 52, 1864 September 20

Circular letter from the Masonic Mission to Mosaic Lodge, No. 52. September 20, 1864. In this circular letter, William Hobart Hadley, the Vice President of the Masonic Mission in Maine, and Agent for the New England States, reminds the Fraternity…

Published copy of the Southern Jurisdiction’s articles of confederation : between the Supreme Councils of the thirty-third degree of the Ancient and accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, to be considered by the congress of the same at Lausanne, 1875 June 10

A Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, published copy of the Southern Jurisdiction’s “Articles of Confederation.” Dated June 10, 1875. In this document, the Supreme Council, Southern Jurisdiction, proposes the Articles of Confederation, “a…

Letter from Sovereign Grand Commander Josiah H. Drummond to John Sheville, 1870 July 8

A letter from Sovereign Grand Commander Josiah H. Drummond to John Sheville, the Supreme Council's Deputy for the state of New Jersey. Dated July 8, 1870. In this letter, Drummond commissions Sheville to confer the thirty-third degree upon William…

32° certificate issued to Arthur Anton Pearson

32° certificate issued by the Maine Consistory (Portland) to Arthur Anton Pearson, dated May 20, 1943.

32° certificate issued to Granville Nathan Bachelder

32° certificate issued by Maine Consistory (Portland) to Granville Nathan Bachelder, dated May 23, 1923.

Appointment of Clinton F. Paige as Deputy of the Supreme Council for the District of New York

Document appointing Clinton F. Paige Deputy for New York, dated April 6, 1878. Appointment notes that vacancy was created upon the death of Orrin Welch, who previously held the position. Document in manuscript.

Royal Arch certificate issued to Arthur A. Pearson, 1947 September 23

Royal Arch certificate issued by Mount Sinai Chapter, No. 71 (Portland, Maine), to Arthur A. Pearson and dated September 23, 1947.