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Unaddressed Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Illinois’ newsletter, 1964 September 1

Unaddressed Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Illinois’ newsletter. Dated September 1, 1964. This unaddressed newsletter provides readers with a copy of Governor Otto Kerner’s August 31st proclamation that declares September 13, 1964, Prince Hall…

Letter from Rob Morris to Jacob Norton, 1867 February 26

A letter from American poet and Freemason Rob Morris to Jacob Norton, a Jewish Freemason. Dated February 26, 1867. In this letter, Morris responds to Norton's letter of February 22, 1867, and offers his opinion of the Christian versus Universalistic…

32° certificate issued to George William Campbell, 1911 June 2

32° certificate issued by Oriental Consistory (Chicago, Illinois) to George William Campbell, dated June 2, 1911.

Circular letter issued by the lodges of Chicago, 1846

Circular issued by three Masonic lodges in Chicago (Lafayette Lodge No. 18, Apollo Lodge No. 32, and Oriental Lodge No. 33) in response to charges issued in a circular by Harmony Lodge, No. 3, of Jacksonville, Illinois. In their circular, Harmony…

Dinner menu signed by American aviator Amelia Earhart, 1935 February 16

A dinner menu created for a banquet held in the honor of Amelia Earhart. The menu includes an original poem written by the author Alonzo Newton Benn and was signed by Earhart on the cover. The event was held at the South Shore Country Club (Chicago,…

Knights Templar certificate issued to Jesse Mead, 1887 September 10

A Knights Templar certificate issued by St. Bernard Commandery, No. 35 (Chicago, Illinois), to Jesse Mead and dated September 7, 1887. Imprint at bottom of certificate reads, "Published by Clark & Maynard, New York. Mayer, Merkel & Ottmann, Lith.…