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Card signed by John Philip Sousa, 1899

Card signed by John Philip Sousa. Dated 1899. An autographed card signed by American composer and conductor John Philip Sousa. Above the composer's name is hand-drawn musical notation.

Card signed by Mark Twain, 1899

Card signed by Mark Twain. Dated 1899. American author and humorist Mark Twain autographs this card and writes in parenthesis under his name, "Done with a Wirt," referring to the Twain's endorsement of the Paul E. Wirt fountain pen.

Photograph of General Douglas MacArthur, 1920

Photograph of General Douglas MacArthur. Dated 1920. An autographed photograph of General Douglas MacArthur.

Letter from Jefferson Davis

A letter from Jefferson Davis. Date unknown. Jefferson Davis discusses Russia and foreign affairs with an unknown female recipient.

Autograph and sketch of a Native American in profile, 1905

Autograph and sketch of a Native American in profile. Dated 1905. An autograph of American painter, illustrator, sculptor, and writer Frederic Sackrider Remington accompanied by a sketch of a Native American.

Discharge certificate, 1783 June 8

Discharge certificate. Dated June 8, 1783. In this document, General George Washington discharges Private Samuel Wright, who was awarded the Badge of Merit. On the document's reverse, Wright sells his Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grant to Charles F.…

Land grant, 1789 June 6

Land grant. Dated June 6, 1789. In this document, Patrick Henry authorizes his friend George Thompson to sell two tracts of land in Jefferson County, Virginia.

Letter from President John Tyler to Mr. Spencer, 1843 October 20

Letter from President John Tyler to Mr. Spencer. Dated October 20, 1843. In this letter, President John Tyler expresses his approval of the political appointment of Mr. Munn.

Military appointment of Samuel Gilman, Jr., 1863 December 24

Military appointment of Samuel Gilman, Jr., Dated December 24, 1863. In this letter to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, President Lincoln supports New York Supreme Court Justice Nathan Clifford's request to appoint Samuel Gilman, Jr., to the 3rd…

Certificate for the Two Hundredth Anniversary of United States Constitution

200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution certificate issued by Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction and Supreme Council for the Northern Jurisdiction, dated 1987.