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Blank charter created for the International Union of Bricklayers of the United States of North America, between 1865 and 1868

An unissued or blank charter commissioned by the International Union of Bricklayers of the United States of North America. Imprint at the bottom of the certificate reads, "E.C." Organized in 1865, the International Union of Bricklayers of the United…

Letter from President Harry S. Truman to Melvin M. Johnson, 1951 October 18

A letter from President Harry S. Truman to Sovereign Grand Commander Melvin M. Johnson. Dated October 18, 1951. In the letter, Truman answers Johnson’s request for a commemorative stamp to honor Hungarian statesman and freedom fighter Louis (Lajos)…

Unissued Past Sachem certificate of the Improved Order of Red Men, circa 1900

An unissued Past Sachem certificated created for the Improved Order of Red Men adorned with depictions of a Native American, George Washington, and an American eagle, circa 1900

The sunny South, our country

This pro-Confederate Civil War era envelope depicts a young child, possibly representing the young Confederacy, holding the snake of abolition in one hand as he holds the national flag of the Confederacy in his other. The Confederacy used the…

Hon. Jefferson Davis, champion of the South.

This post-Civil War envelope depicts former Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Confederate flags, cannons, and bayoneted rifles prominently adorn the envelope. Forms part of the William Caleb Loring illustrated envelope collection.

Luther C. Ladd

A portrait of Civil War soldier Luther C. Ladd of the Sixth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. The envelope bears the inscription: “Luther C. Ladd, of Alexandria, N.H., was shot in the Baltimore riot, April 19th, 1861, and bled to death on the…

Col. Ellsworth, the martyr

This Civil War envelope depicts Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth, the first Union soldier killed in the war. Ellsworth was shot and killed while in the process of taking down a Confederate flag above a hotel in Virginia. Forms part of the William Caleb…

Military appointment of Samuel Gilman, Jr., 1863 December 24

In this letter to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, President Lincoln supports New York Supreme Court Justice Nathan Clifford's request to appoint Samuel Gilman, Jr., to the 3rd Artillery Regiment of the U.S. Army.