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32° certificate issued to Parker R. Litchfield, 1868 March 6

A 32° certificate issued by Massachusetts Consistory of Boston to Parker R. Litchfield. Dated March 6, 1868. Imprint at bottom of the certificate reads, "C. E. Sickels, Del. Engd By Perine & Giles 111 Nassau St. N.Y. Masonic Pub & Mfny Co. 432 Broome…

32° certificate issued to Western Bascome, 1865 January 22

A 32° certificate issued by Cosmopolitan Consistory, No. 1, to Western Bascome of New York City. Dated January 22, 1865. Signed by Commander in Chief Robert McCoskry Graham, Deputy for the State of New York Orrin Welch, and Grand Secretary Albert P.…

Certificate of appointment issued by the Supreme Council to Robert McCorskry Graham, 1867 September 24

This Supreme Council, S.J., document appoints and commissions Robert McCorskry Graham to be the Southern Jurisdiction’s representative to the Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Dated September 24, 1867. Signed by Sovereign Grand…

Masonic register for David A. Scott, 1890 August 24

A Masonic register and history for David A. Scott of Newburgh, New York.

Certificate of appreciation issued to Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, Mayor of Boston, 1869 June 19

Certificate issued to Nathaniel Shurtleff, Mayor of Boston, by the Supreme Council, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, for "their high appreciation of the most cordial and fraternal welcome extended" to them by Shurtleff during the Supreme Council's…

Masonic register for Joseph H. Foster, between 1878 and 1881

This Masonic register records the Masonic memberships of Joseph H. Foster, including his affiliation with Jenks Lodge No. 24, the Pawtucket Royal Arch Chapter No. 4, the Pawtucket Council of Royal and Select Masters No. 2, and the Holy Sepulchre…

Masonic register for George Henry Ewen, 1883 July 6

Masonic register for George Henry Ewen. Dated July 6, 1883. This Masonic register records the Masonic memberships of George Henry Ewen, including his affiliation with Union Lodge No. 31 (New London, Connecticut), Union Royal Arch Chapter No. 7 (New…