Master Mason Certificate, 1832


Master Mason Certificate, 1832
Issued to Sidney Hayden (1813-1890), Rural Amity Lodge, No. 70, Athens, Pennsylvania
Engraved by Charles Cushing Wright (1796-1854), Homer, New York
Sold by William B. Whitney, Homer, New York
Museum Purchase, A78/018/001

A young engraver, Charles Cushing Wright, designed this certificate sometime before 1818. He also crafted designs for engraved Masonic aprons around the same time. He left blanks in the certificate text where a lodge secretary could fill in the recipient’s degree, the lodge name, its number and location. With this flexibility, the certificate could be sold to different lodges. Several years after Wright made this certificate, officers of a Pennsylvania lodge filled it out for newly-minted Master Mason Sidney Hayden.