Masonic Register and History, 1878-1881


Masonic Register and History, 1878-1881
Made for Joseph H. Foster, Rhode Island
Engraved by John Sartain (1808-1897), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Printed by Henry Sartain (1833-1895), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Designed by C. E. Sickles, New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Calligraphed by E. C. Davis, Providence, Rhode Island
Gift of Barry and Barbara Bayon, A2003/009/2

This Masonic register was designed so that any Mason in the country could have used it to document his career in Freemasonry. Joseph H. Foster, who had his information calligraphed by E. C. Davis, belonged to Jenks Lodge No. 24 in Central Falls, Rhode Island. He also belonged to Pawtucket Royal Arch Chapter No. 4, Pawtucket Council of Royal and Select Masters No. 2, and the Holy Sepulchre Commandery No. 8. The official seals and signatures on Foster’s register showed the information on it was authentic. Foster’s photograph made the register particularly his own.