Knights Templar Certificate, 1856

Red Cross, Knight Templar, Knight of Malta, Order of St. John of Jerusalem certificate issued to Richard S. Spofford, Jr., 1856

Knights Templar Certificate, 1856
Issued to Richard Smith Spofford, Jr. (1833-1888), Newburyport Encampment, Newburyport, Massachusetts
Designed by Hammatt Billings (1818-1874), Boston, Massachusetts
Engraved by George Girdler Smith (1795-1878), Boston, Massachusetts
Gift of the Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, USA, A87/028

Richard S. Spofford, Jr., joined St. John’s Masonic lodge in Newburyport when he was just twenty one. Two years later, in 1856, he became a Knight Templar and received this certificate. Encampment officers’ signatures verified Spofford’s membership. The signature of the state level Grand Recorder, or secretary, attested to the legitimacy of the Newburyport group.