Women and Freemasonry & Fraternalism


Although denied membership in mainstream Anglo-American Masonic lodges, women have participated in a variety of fraternal groups in the United States. Both as members and in leadership positions, American women have a rich history of participation in temperance and other fraternal organizations, as well as women’s Masonic auxiliary groups. This collection brings together some items from our collection that document this history.

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Dispensation issued to Avon Rebekah Lodge, No. 100, 1932 October 11
This dispensation issued by the Grand Lodge of Illinois grants Avon Rebekah Lodge, No. 100, to institute a Theta Rho Girls' Club.

Rainbow Girls Cincinnati Zoological Garden ticket book, 1947
A ticket book for the 10th Annual Meeting of the Grand Assembly of Ohio Order of the Rainbow for Girls, with tickets for the Cincinnati Zoological Garden.

Service newsletter, September 1945
A Service newsletter issued for the Arkansas Order of Rainbow for Girls, listing Christmas plans for assemblies and general news.
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